What do Soft Skills have to do with Confidence?Self-Esteem?EQ?

"People with strong emotional intelligence can make themselves do things even if they don't feel like it - get up and go for a run or study for that test.  Everything improves with practice there's not a single skill that doesn't. Social and emotional skills can be practiced as well and then you can add the spark of talent you've got and fan the flames.  Practice these skills and you will have every satisfaction and every success" 

Katherine Fortier

Do you want to be able to persuade, influence, or empathise with people in any situation? 

Do you want to be able to click with people instantly? 

Do you want people to trust you?

Research is now showing that being able to communicate confidently and manage your emotions is more important than IQ.  They have even coined the phrase "Emotional Intelligence" to cover all these soft skills.

Social and emotional intelligence (soft skills) covers people and social skills.  It also covers your self management skills.  It's about recognising others emotions and adapting yours appropriately.

People with high emotional intelligence can pick up on subtle cues.  Smart employers are now developing their employees or volunteers in these skills or looking for potential employees who already have them to ensure they stay productive, happy in the workplace and add value to the company.

Stand out from the crowd, whether it be in your life, your office or your community organisation and make the change to build on your skills.

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It is said that business and people are not investing enough in skills such as communication, teamwork and time management. According to some UK statistics;

  • By 2020, over half a million UK workers will be significantly held back by a lack of soft skills – an issue forecast to affect all sectors.
  • 97% of UK employers believe soft skills are important to their current business success, and over half say skills like communication and teamwork are more important than traditional academic results. However, three-quarters believe there is already a soft skills gap in the UK workforce.
  • Meanwhile, UK employees say they struggle to sell their soft skills. One in five would not feel confident describing their soft skills to an employer and more than half (54%) have never included soft skills on their CV.

Source: Development Economics Ltd, January 2015 and YouGov Plc, September 2014.

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