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“Unexpected things are going to happen. Keep learning and keep going” ~ Sarah Levy

I was recently reading the book “BIRTHING the ELEPHANT The woman’s go-for-it! guide to overcoming the big challenges of launching a business” by Karin Abarbanel and Bruce Freeman.

One of the chapters was talking about Turning Breakdowns into Breakthroughs and building your self esteem in business. I thought the tips were very relevant to life and not just opening or running your own business. Below are a few of the Quick Tips.

Resist the “I Quit!” Impulse – The fall-apart stage is a rite of passage in business ownership. You can’t cure it, so ensure it!  Hang tough and you can tough it out. The results may astound you! Hmmm, sounds a bit like life to me!

Manage your Fears – or they’ll manage you! Fear isn’t fickle – it hits everyone. It’s also energizing – and a creativity booster! Be bigger than your fear and you’ll cut it down to size.

Find your Mount Everest – and start climbing! Returning to work perhaps? – Get up and out every day. Let fear in the door, but don’t let it stay.

Dress for Success – even at home! Oust yourself from your office Mingle!

Relationship breakdown? – If you are going through challenging times, one of the best ways to get through is to ensure you continue to move.

Now my advice – Get out and learn something new, whether it be by reading a book like Birthing the Elephant or attending relevant courses. Just do it!