What Self Confident Women Customers and Workshop Participants Say

Glenise prepared a Behavioural Analysis report for me in conjunction with my employer.  The report gave an in depth analysis of my behavioural style in a workplace context, detailing my natural behaviour and learned behaviour.  Glenise also prepared a second report comparing my natural behaviour with those of my colleagues, which gave me an understanding of the behaviour of others and how I fit within the workplace.  By gaining a better understanding of my behaviour and that of those around me, it has enabled me to develop tools to not only understand my strengths and weaknesses, but also how to better communicate and interact with my colleagues.

Glenise provided additional telephone support to explain in detail the contents of the reports and answer any questions that I had.  I would highly recommend Glenise to anyone who seeks to understand their workplace behaviour and how to improve their interaction with colleagues.

A Gaudron – CA Accountant

Glenise was the perfect person to show up in my time of need. I was really struggling with so many things going on in my life; and I had no idea where to start with pulling things into line. Glenise helped me work through so many things and no I can comfortably say I’m very close to finally having all my ducks in a row. She helped me look at what is right for me in my career with DISC testing and reporting; and also helped me through some really hard personal challenges with structured support. I highly recommend Glenise to help anyone in need of clearing up the right direction to where they want to go! She is worth her weight in gold!

D Smith BA Psych, PG Dip Psych

Gunnedah Evening VIEW Club members were delighted to share an International Women’s Day celebration with Glenise Anderson, the creator of Self Confident Women.
Glenise used this year’s IWD theme, Be Bold For Change, to introduce us to her Step In program for “forward, positive movement” as a great starting point for changing our lives.
With a touch of humour and an inspiring talk about her own journey to success, Glenise outlined her three steps, Problem, Plan and Persevere, with a focus on wellbeing using the six key areas of diet, sleep, exercise, physical environment, meaning and purpose and social connection.
Glenise has a mission to empower women to ‘live the life they desire and deserve’ and she encouraged members to “step in and identify the problem”.
She said the next step is to “take time to plan” with the final step “perseverance to the end”.
Glenise said even small tweaks to diet and exercise can make a difference to wellbeing and having a social connection through community groups or organisations will give “meaning and purpose to life”.
“When the going gets tough, and it will, tap into your own super hero to get the courage to keep going,” she said.
“The increase in confidence and self esteem is huge when you reach your destination.”
Everyone enjoyed the talk immensely. It was delivered with humour and uplifting positivity and we all took away something valuable to enhance our lives.

Gunnedah View Club

Recently I attended a Self Confident Women session in Melbourne. I was amazed at how the audience reacted to the discussion and how they were moved to a call to action. I felt Glenise had the ability to understand the audience and deliver on what they needed. I manage a team of 30 where I have 90% female employees. I asked Glenise to share her story and tools with my teams and 6 months later we have rolled out the program and the sharing videos and my team’s engagement has increased and are coping very well with any curve balls thrown at them. I would recommend Glenise to any business seeking higher engagement and development of their teams.

Phil Wallis National Admin Manager | LPG Business Support & Improvement Origin

I’d like to thank Glenise for her insight and knowledge into personal and professional development during my one on one mentor sessions with her.  Her understanding of behavioural analysis allowed me to understand who I really was, so I could instil constructive practises resulting in a happier and more successful life.

Summer S

Congratulations on your success! Thanks for being a great role model!

Heidi V

Before the workshops I had reached a point where I had no clear direction or significant goals to strive for. The workshops have given me the tools to identify what has been holding me back from improving my personal and professional development and has opened up new goals I can strive towards.

Donna C

I came to Glenise’s workshops with the intention of supporting a friend and ended up
helping myself more! I am looking at the bright side and feeling more confident in myself.

Anne L

Before I attended Glenise’s workshops, I felt lost and lacked direction. I didn’t know what to
expect from them but I came with an open mind. Now I feel energised and have become far
more solutions focused. And the best thing is I’ve changed my behaviour for the better, my
children have seen the change and they have changed too! Life at home is far calmer now.

Monique S

Not only has this course helped me in my business life it has also highlighted areas of my
personal life that I can improve on. My ability to juggle business/family life as a full time
worker and mum of 3 small children has just been made much easier.

I would recommend any women do this course, money well spent on investing in our own
spirit and quality of life. Thank you Glenise.

Libby P, Branch Manager

Congrats on the Stevie Award – well deserved for sustained and innovative development of a business model.

Michael Rosengren

I was so impressed with your website when I first saw it, not only for the much needed service you provide for women, but also, for the way you approach it from the very onset, with the technology we have at hand, as we speak, there is only one way for it to go……. A SUCCESS STORY…and many will be blessed by it.

Hugh Oliveiro

What a great website and inspiration for developing Women in the Workplace. I commend you on your achievement and the work you are doing for Women and the longer term benefit of the Australian workplace and community in general.

Col Partington, LCR Group CEO

Glenise is a woman who lives and breathes her focus on helping other women become more self confident. She has a never say die attitude and is positive to the core. She has all the qualities necessary to help thousands of women around the world with confidence to become better leaders, managers and just better people. She is highly ethical and a joy to work with.

Brian Sher, Co-Founder The Fortune Institute

As a hands-on owner of three business, I got caught up with the daily grind and lost focus on what I wanted out of life. I was running myself into the ground and I felt no excitement about my future. This is when I started focusing on learning new things by undertaking coaching and training activities – which has resulted in me being a happy, more confident and successful business leader who is excited by the future.

Susan Anderson

When I attended Glenise Anderson’s Self-Confidence session at this year’s Dress for Success Brisbane Conference, I was expecting a talk about tips on boosting self-confidence or exploring how to reprogram our brains negative self-talk. Instead, I learned about DISC (Dominance-Influence-Steadiness-Compliance). I find the topic very interesting, and the more I listen to Glenise, the more I learn about my behavioural style, and also those of others. I also learned how to improve my communication and on how to deal in situations with other common DISC personality. Overall, the topic has helped in my quest to boost my self-confidence. And as for Glenise, she is a natural very engaging presenter!


I really enjoyed the Self Confidence workshop and the way that Glenise was able to include everyone.  Her presentation was very professional relaxed, informative and non judgmental.

Maree T.

When I initially contacted Glenise I was feeling pretty lost and distressed about my life. It seemed like I had reached 40 but hadn’t actually moved forward in my life. I felt like somehow I had blown another opportunity to make something of myself and I was feeling depressed and stuck in a rut.

I contacted Glenise and felt like I had a friendly voice on the end of the line who cared about what I was saying. Suddenly I wasn’t whining about my life but feeling empowered to maybe, just maybe, make a change.

After our Extended DISC profile session my world changed, in fact, the way I viewed my life and my world changed. Suddenly I understood the reasons for my behaviour. Traits about myself and the way I had made decisions all my life were suddenly clear to me. Honestly, it was one of the best hours of my life, I now feel empowered, secure and safe in the knowledge that I know who I am and I understand what makes me tick. Not only can I move forward and make better choices but I can also forgive myself for making the decisions I had done in the past because I understood.

I am genuinely grateful that Glenise is apart of my life and I would recommend her to anyone.


Glenise thanks for your positive impact on my daughter.

I have seen her display more confidence after receiving your emails.   A mature thoughtful confidence.

What a great way to provide your info via email – especially when young girls are often online connecting..

My daughter enjoyed seeing you positive words of wisdom coming into her inbox each day over the month.

Tom S – Brisbane

By receiving emails from Terrific Teen I was able to cope better with and understand more about issues affecting me as teenager . Including confidence, social media, dealing with arguments and peer pressure. Even if I was having a bit of a bad day or stressed out from assignments or just a long day, I knew I could always check my emails and get some new tips to cope with my stresses. I particularly enjoyed the goal setting emails, as these particularly helped me with assignments. I was able to understand some more of the responsibilities people were putting upon me and the directions I was heading towards.

Thank – you!

Natasha S

I wanted to be a better version of myself. It’s finding the path that is hard and confusing and overwhelming. Meeting with you gave me clarity and that was a wonderful start. Thank you for that!

Jaclyn Linney

Glenise spoke to our Senior School Girls about a range of issues that reflected a woman with confidence and a young woman with the world at her feet. Our girls were uplifted by her talk that was accompanied by multimedia. It has inspired some of our students to take on public speaking and sharing to help other young women on their journey.

Teacher Marist Girls College

Glenise spoke with our Grade 9 girls for about an hour on the important topics of self-worth, self-respect, trust & growing into young women.  Our girls sat engaged, focused & interested in the talk & threw out a number of great discussions for the group.  They were open & honest, the environment was a really energetic & comfortable one with both the staff & students engaged.

Teacher Marist Girls College

The discussions we had in our Year 9 talk with Glenise was really great because they were open & honest.  Lots of my friends threw in ideas about self respect & we discussed different situations that were happening our lives that we could use our self respect to fix.  She was funny.  The room was really good because it was all girls & we could be loud & share our thoughts.

Year 9 Student

Glenise was open, funny, easy to listen to & it was a good talk.  I found the most useful part of the talk her discussions on the businesswomen – that lots of business women look at your physical side in the first few seconds they meet you, that was really good to know as we are at the age that we are looking for jobs.

Year 10 Student

Glenise really helped me think through things and then take measures to get results. She has been instrumental in helping move me forward. She’s given me the skill set to prioritize and accomplish tasks, as well as set reasonable deadlines. I am much more relaxed these days and doing better at and outside of work.  Although it was a difficult process for me, Glenise made it better with her patience and support .

Lea Anderson

At Marist College Emerald we aim to empower & equip our young girls with lifelong skills & resilience to take them into the adult world.  As the College Counsellor it is my role to gather appropriate & usable resources to guide my students with.  Self Confident Women’s Personal Development Program is exactly this and fits all shapes & sizes.  The sessions are easy to understand & can be used in everyday situations.   Our aim at Marist is to continue using this program in small groups as it is definitely something every student can take from.



Paula Scanlan College Counsellor, Marist College Emerald

Our mission is to be the company of choice for the personal development of progressive women everywhere.

Glenise Anderson CEO