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As a small business owner, you are often in charge of everything.  From stationery ordering through to marketing and sales.

It’s hard to think outside the square when you’re running around in circles like a hamster.  Sometimes the solution to your problem is not even outside the square, sometimes it’s logical but you can’t see it because you’re too involved in the business.

Businesses live or die on cash flow.  As a small business owner you don’t have the time to agonise over decisions and you don’t want to rely on well meaning family and friends.

A problem you may have been wrestling over for a long period of time, may be answered within minutes of a session with a great Mentor.

I cannot express strongly enough, loudly enough or often enough the value of using a mentor.  Someone who’s been there and done that.  They may not necessarily be in the same industry, but they are able to clearly look at what you’re doing and give you very relevant advice.

Mentors are worth their weight in gold.  They aren’t emotionally involved as family or friends tend to be.  They come from a space of experience and clarity.

Mentors are available in both an unpaid and paid capacity.  If there is someone you admire, then it is worth having a chat with them to see if they are interested in mentoring you.

I have been mentored by Siimon Reynolds (from the Grim Reaper ad fame some years ago) and his business partner Brian Sher from the Fortune Institute.

From a one-on-one Life Coach, they have helped me create and develop Self Confident Women and SR Group.  Two businesses which although similar are also very different.

SCW focuses on developing individual women and small business owners and SR Group focuses on the corporate sector.  Both offer psychometric testing, coaching and training.  However SCW offers self-paced programs and SR Group offers document & technical writing.

As an entrepreneur you may dream big – but let me tell you with a Mentor – the sky’s the limit and dreams you never knew existed can come true.

Do yourself a favour – just do it!