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What does it actually mean to be self-aware?

The meaning of being self-aware is that not only are you in touch with, and very familiar with your own mind and body, you are also aware of how you interact with others not only for your benefit but for their benefit and for the greater good of society.

Being self-aware doesn’t mean the same as being self-centred

The difference between self-awareness and self-centredness is that a self-centred view means your focus is always on you, what you need, what you expect, what you want as opposed to self-awareness is being aware of what your body and mind need too operative effectively and also how you are able to help others and give back in the world.

To be truly self-aware you need to be completely in tune with your body and regularly “tune in” to your body to not only get to know the physical points in which you hold stress and past traumas but to learn to release them from your body as well for ongoing good health and to allow for clarity around decision making.

The way to step into your self-awareness is to start with getting to know your body and how your body responds to different situations by learning a combination of body scanning, meditation and looking after your general health.

  • Body scanning is a process of “tuning in” to each body part and releasing the tension held there while looking for any triggers that might come up from that area. These triggers are related to past issues or traumas and will show you areas you need to work through too clear them from your body memory.
  • Meditation is a process that allows you to completely relax your body and to shut down your mind from the noise that is constantly going through it each day. By doing a daily meditation you learn to listen to the inner workings of your mind rather than those created by external noise.
  • Your overall health of body and mind is crucial to your self-awareness. Ensuring you are feeding your body the food it needs to thrive and viewing food intake as fuel rather than a pleasure outlet and then balancing that with some gentle exercise each day, means you are giving your mind and body the best chance possible to thrive in the day to day world.

When you operate at this level of self-care you immediately raise your awareness levels not only of your world but the world around you and you begin to become aware of how you can positively impact others in the world as well.

Self-awareness is not an overnight thing but something that needs to be practiced every day to ensure solid, long-lasting positive impact.

If you need more help or information on how to become more self-aware, you might like to consider one of the online courses available on our website.

Do you have any techniques or rituals you follow that have helped you to raise your self-awareness levels?  I’d love to hear about it. Please leave a comment and share it with us.