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Are you willing to step in and change the way you manage your day? As routines and rituals form the basis of your workday, to take control of your future you must first begin to understand how to tackle the day to day stuff. Once your personal productivity increases, then you will have a better chance of working towards your larger goals and improving your confidence levels.

The Power of Routines

It’s easy to consider routines as boring and repetitive. But they can also be far from that. Having structure is imperative if success is your goal but just because that’s how you’ve always done it, doesn’t mean it’s the right way. Think of your routines as a way to work on your continuous improvement. By altering your morning routine, for example, you could make your afternoon schedule run more smoothly.

Not only will you have more control over your career, you will also have extra time to approach ‘passion projects’ without the need to work overtime. Through good routines and habits, procrastination will be a thing of the past. Self-imposed deadlines and delegation will become second nature, and your job satisfaction will go through the roof. Remember successful people tend to thrive on routine and order.

Organise Your Workspace

Start new tasks and projects off on the right foot by having a clean and organised workspace. If you cannot find a document because of the pile of paperwork that is overtaking your desk, then it is time to make some serious changes. Cleaning up your workspace should be as much of a routine as checking your emails.
Create efficient and manageable systems so you don’t spend wasted hours doing the simplest of things. The phrase, work smarter not harder, is particularly relevant here. Using intelligent systems will help improve internal efficiency, reduce multitasking and increase overall job performance.

Use Technology Responsibly

By making a schedule to go through your inbox regularly, you lower the risk of losing concentration throughout the day. Use technology responsibly and focus on being proactive rather than reactive. Turn off the notifications and avoid responding to each ping or buzz individually. Minimising interruptions will make a huge difference to your workday.

It is important you take immediate action during your email sessions, so you don’t end up having an enormous amount of correspondence to deal with. Read your emails and create the task, forward, delete or file as necessary. Reply and file, or note down any appropriate action in the future. Take back control over your emails, rather than the other way around. Technology can be a huge interruption in your day and hamper your goals in the worst way possible. I’m guessing liking Facebook posts and responding to friend’s messages CAN wait until later.

It is truly amazing just how much you can alter your productivity and efficiency. Even the seemingly smallest change can bring about tremendous results. If personal productivity is a problem or you struggle with time management, then you may be interested in our Personal Productivity eCourse. Take ownership of your life and your career, starting from today.