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In every job and in everyday life leadership is required. There are many skills required to be a leader. It’s not just about being great at speaking or about having excellent written communication skills, although these skills do help. To step in to be a leader you must possess a range of soft skills including empathy, teamwork and positive assertiveness. And the best thing by far is all of these skills can be developed over time.

A great leader is not just recognised by what they do for themselves but what they do for others. One of the best ways you can be a leader is to lead by example by nurturing, promoting and acknowledging other talent around you, particularly that of other women.

Help foster a women-friendly culture

Even if you are not in HR, you can do your bit to promote female equality in the workplace. Become a champion of the cause and let your company know that you are absolutely serious about bringing about change in the company. By standing up for an important issue such as equality, you will be noticed and for all the right reasons. For positive action to come, it must be supported by the top. So wherever you are on the corporate ladder, take the time to reach out to your superiors to effect change. Demonstrate your commitment to the task and then check back to see if more can be done.

Network with other women

I recommend networking at any opportunity both inside and outside your organisation. However, what’s even better than networking in general, is to take the time to network with other women at all levels. A strong network is vital to anyone’s success, so knowing you have a strong positive support system behind you is wonderful for your confidence and morale. Make the time to meet up regularly with other women in your organisation and source opportunities to get out there and mix with others inside and outside your industry. Collaborating with others is most definitely a great way to spend your time. All leaders need great networking skills to help propel them to the top.

Become a mentor

Mentoring is such a positive thing for anyone to do and finding someone to act as a mentor to you will do wonders for your career. However, on the flip side, you too can mentor someone to help them develop their skills and realise their own dreams and ambitions. Mentoring an individual will not only help them grow, but it will help you grow as well. You will learn a lot about yourself and others in the process. As you work closely alongside a colleague or peer, you will develop skills such as active listening and the ability to use motivational tactics.

Regardless of what position you hold, constant training and education are necessary, especially if leadership and success is your ultimate goal. Self Confident Women offers a wide range of online courses to help your career. Whether you are looking to improve your time management skills or want to understand more about goal setting or negotiation skills, Glenise Anderson can help you to discover and be your authentic self in the corporate world.