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There will always be stress in your life no matter what you do – some of it will be positive and some of it will be negative. Your overall aim is to reduce the amount of negative stress so you can efficiently cope with the day to day stressors which are thrust upon you. Ultimately, you have control of your stress levels and there are ways you can reduce the amount you face.


Exercise has the amazing ability to completely remove you from a stressful situation and allow you to focus on the present. All worry, concern and anxiety over an issue can be forgotten, at least temporarily, and you can concentrate on the benefit that exercise will give you. It also helps you put stressful situations into perspective as you are given a chance to focus on other things and then re-address it when you are ready.


Laughing can help remove stress; therefore do whatever it is you need to do to laugh more. Watch your favourite comedy show, search for funny YouTube videos, or catch up with your bestie and take a trip down memory lane. Whatever it is – just do it! Smiling and laughing is inherently good for you, and can help release much of the stress you may currently be experiencing.


If stress is keeping you awake at night, improving the quality of your sleep should be high on your priority list.

When you have had a good night’s sleep, everything can be much easier to handle, including the more stressful situations you have to deal with. If you struggle to sleep, then look for ways to improve your sleep quality including soothing baths, a good book and limiting your electronics before you go to bed. Another tip to try is to maintain a predictable sleep pattern, so your body knows when it is time to sleep.

Time Management

While there are only so many minutes and hours in the day, there are ways you can improve how you actually spend your time and how you effectively manage your day. Social media and checking messages can be a considerable time waster, therefore limit the time you spend online. Stay on top of any deadlines to minimise the stress and use a daily calendar or reminder system to avoid letting any appointments or deadlines slide. A good to-do list can also help you effectively prioritise what needs to be done.


Whatever you do, relax.

Relaxation whether through meditation, yoga techniques or even just sitting on the couch in front of your favourite Netflix drama can do you a world of good. You don’t have to be on the go 24/7 in order to be the best you can be. In fact, relaxing more can make your busy times run much more smoothly. Take time out for you and be kind to yourself when necessary.

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