Glenise Anderson is the Founder and Director of Self Confident Women

a dynamic business devoted to providing women with confidence boosting tools and strategies through online and offline programs.

Glenise is an Advanced Consultant in Extended DISC psychometric testing, qualified trainer and mentor. She is a well known speaker and has been featured in many media articles.

At last count she has moved house 37 times in 59 years which makes her an expert is Transitioning Change with Confidence.

Glenise started her career as a Receptionist and worked through various positions within  companies such as Citigroup, Price Waterhouse, JLL, McGrath and Football Federation of Australia, Thiess, Aurecon and Dyno/Incitec. Over the last few years she has worked with some wonderful small businesses throughout remote and regional Australia.

With over 40 years experience, her passion and focus is enhancing the personal performance of women in the business world to increase their Confidence and Communication skills. She encourages them to Step IN – to take responsibility for their lives and take action towards a happier and more confident future.

Known for her optimism and ability to motivate people, her positive attitude is infectious. She has a talent for bringing clarity to the challenges of confidence and communication. And she is eager to help others enjoy a life filled with self-confidence and success.

Her natural gift of speaking combined with her passion to empower others, makes her a Keynote speaker to take notice of. Her talks are inspiring, confidence changing and memorable.  To find out more – click here.

Glenise enjoys spending time with friends and family. Health and Wellbeing are a very big part of her life and she loves to challenge herself by learning or competing in various sporting activities such as the Tough Mudder, indoor climbing and is looking at getting back into Triathlon after more than 25 years. Showing that age is no barrier, if the motivation is there.

She lives by the simple philosophy “if things are to change… you need to change yourself.” So she is always learning and mastering new techniques and knowledge. Then she makes them accessible to others so they can grow too.

Her knowledge of Behavioural Profiling, Emotional Intelligence and Soft Skill Mastery is unrivalled. And is changing the lives and careers of women in all walks of life.

Glenise’s dedication to her mission of helping women be their authentic selves in the business world, has been rewarded with her being a Finalist in the International Stevie Awards for Women in 2010, winning an award at the 2015 Stevie Awards in New York and being nominated for the Telstra Businesswoman Award in 2011, 2013 and 2016.

Personal experience has shown her how fragile life is and has taught her to never take anything for granted “You may not have a tomorrow to do the things you really want to do. Just get in there and get it done!”

And that’s exactly what she’s doing!