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Some of my workshops include

Our trainers have a performance coaching background.  We have a selection of training courses available or we can tailor, create and train to your specific business requirements.  for more information contact Glenise at

Let’s Talk: Above and Below the Line

This workshop covers the concept of Above and Below the Line and how it should be used in both business and personal life. I also cover

  • No Triangles – is ultimately about dealing with issues directly with the person involved and not going behind their back.   Find out how to practice No Triangles
  • We’ll also cover some tips to keep confidence levels up, as Confident people rarely go below the line

Let’s Talk: Miscommunication in the Workplace

Getting your wires crossed and miscommunication in the workplace is frustrating.

It’s all too common to forget how hard effective communication really is.  We come to believe some things just go without saying – that communication is purely common sense. In fact, it’s really more surprising how we manage to communicate successfully at all.

There are so many differences in how and why we communicate the way we do, it’s amazing we don’t get our ‘wires crossed’ more often.  We assess communication – both given and received – through many filters and our behavioural styles play a big part in this.