Plan, Progress and Achieve your Dreams


“Living your life without a Plan is like watching TV with someone else holding the remote control”  Peter Turla

Knowing the steps for successful Goal Setting is imperative to moving forward.  If you constantly set goals and New Years Resolutions and fail – the strategies in this eBook are the ones you need to master.

Know your goals, make a plan and fire the starting gun for success.

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Siimon Reynolds said in his book Why People Fail “We need to understand and conquer failure if we are ever to master success.  You’d never know it from our education system.  At school we’re taught geography, history, mathematical formulas and obscure scientific facts never to be used for the rest of our lives, yet how many of us, in all our years of formal learning, were ever taught how to overcome obstacles to any goal?  Surely this is more important than all the other traditional school subjects put together.”

Now is the time to…  Set Your Goals!


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