OMG, Which Voice in my Head do I Listen to?


“If you think can or you think you can’t, you’re right”  Henry Ford

If you have constant negative chatter in your head, this eBook will teach you strategies to overcome them.

Win over the war between your ears and build a successful life.

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Blair Singer said “By admitting to your own shortcomings, you can recognise we all have problems…. some uglier than others, but most of them pretty normal.  The minute you can identify it and admit it, you are free to do or be what you want.  At that point, you are now conscious- you are at cause, not at the effect. You are no longer victimized by your own brain”

Have you ever heard that little voice in your head, you know the one that criticises you or belittles your ability. It’s the one that tells you ‘you CAN’T do that’, ‘you’re NOT GOOD ENOUGH’ or even ‘you’ll NEVER ACHIEVE ANYTHING’.

But it is also the voice that you can train to say ‘I CAN do that’, ‘I AM GOOD ENOUGH’ and ‘I CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING I set my mind to ’.

This ebook is about taking control of your negative self-talk.

Now is the time to …. Control Your Little Voice. Seek self-control!


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