DISC Profiling + 12 months access to the eLearning library


What is included with your Behavioural Profiling package and membership

  • Behavioural Profile Report
  • 1.5hr debrief session
  • 12 months membership
  • Instant access to all eCourses
  • Access to all Self Confident Women eBooks
  • Access to Glenise to answer any questions that you might have throughout the 12 months

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Wonder how DISC Behavioural Profiling will help you build your confidence in both your personal life and at work?

Here’s what a few business clients have said:

“Behavioural profiling has ensured we understand our strengths & weaknesses and our communication and teamwork interaction styles”

“profiling significantly improved the communication between the directors”

“as a direct result of going through this process we have had a better understanding of our existing staff, their behaviours, and how best to deal with them”

Do you know what it is that makes you lack confidence? Negative thoughts and lack of self awareness are the two main reasons why you lack confidence and the good news is, it’s easy to fix!

Know Thyself – is the catch-cry for my Behavioural Profiling work. It has changed me personally, my business, my friendships and my marriage.

My question to you is – how can you set yourself up to succeed at anything if you don’t know what you’re doing wrong?

Hidden behaviours, once uncovered can become your strengths. You know what to touch and what to stay away from. You understand why you do what you do, particularly under pressure.

It’s quite extraordinary!

Through working with me and by looking at your DISC profile, we look at the areas you can work on so you can eliminate overwhelm from so many eCourses on the eLearning library and essentially boost your confidence so you can handle everything life throws at you.