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Yes I know, you’re probably thinking ‘why on earth would Glenise write a blog about underwear’. So let me tell you – I don’t know how many times I have seen women (even beautifully dressed ones) – stand in a room and probably without even thinking about it, tug at their undies or bra to push them back into the right position.

In fact, earlier this year I was at an Awards Ceremony where a very senior woman stood up to give a speech and present an award and alarmingly, she was constantly pulling at her underwear behind the podium.

And let me tell you – now you’re aware of it, you’ll see women doing it regularly (and maybe even yourself?  So let’s get this party started (underwear party that is).

Part 2 – Underwear

Look, it’s not just about the visible panty line, it’s about something far more important – Comfort!

No matter your body shape, there is perfect underwear out there for you, somewhere. Have fun, buy stuff that makes you feel good – it doesn’t have to be expensive. Chain stores now have a wonderful range of affordable underwear which are cute, sexy, beautiful – whatever it is you’re looking for.

Just make sure you persevere and get it right and remember the only expert you need to listen to is…. YOU!

Personally, I wear a bigger size bra and panties than is recommended for me by the lady in the underwear department of any store. Yes, I listen to what she says during the fitting but ultimately, it’s about comfort first (you wear them for a long time each day). Another reason I go a size up, is because I don’t like the visible pantie line and I don’t like boob spillage.  I prefer underwear to sit on my skin – not dig into it! Oh, that would be back to comfort again.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than watching a woman tugging at her undies (or clothing) because it doesn’t fit right. Don’t.be.that.woman.

How can you be Confident, when you’re constantly adjusting yourself? Wouldn’t you feel so much better if you went to that meeting, dinner out, networking function and not give your clothing another thought because you know it feels good and looks good. To be able to just focus on the conversation and be your charming self would be bliss don’t you think?

So now we’ve touched on body shape, clothing colours, underwear and next month I’m going to have a chat about one of my favourite things in the world – Shoes glorious Shoes!