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Each of us possesses an inner voice that we hear every day – it either speaks positive or negative messages. Sometimes it may feel as though your little voice is predominately negative, and strangely for most people – it is. It tells you things that make you doubt yourself; depresses you and causes you to stop believing what you can do. At times it feels like there is no way to make that little voice be quiet.

Unfortunately, for most of us it’s easy to fall into the habit of repeating the same negative thoughts over and over. Our little voice often tells us we are useless, a failure, we do not deserve the success we seek or even deserve to be happy. Your little voice is usually your harshest critic. The more you listen to the negativity of the little voice, the more it becomes a reality.

You must start to train your little voice to say positive things – you are good enough, you do deserve success and happiness and most of all YOU can do it.

I want you to stop right now and think “who controls my thoughts? Do I let the negative little voice rule my world or do I let the positive me shine?”

If you start your day looking in the mirror and telling yourself you look fat or awful, then this negative feeling will simply grow and cause more negative thoughts throughout the day. Before long all you hear is your negative inner voice. And boy, can it make a racket!

Like it or not, the truth is, you are responsible for your inner voice, regardless of what it says. People around you might be negative or say things to you are that discouraging – but they do not have the power to control your thoughts. No one can do that – the only person who can control your thoughts is YOU.

You might be saying to yourself right now (yes, that little voice) “what about when someone else criticises me or tells me I’m not good enough?”

When this happens, you might hear your little voice even louder than usual – AGREEING with what has been said – but even in this example you are still fully in control of what you think.

You have complete control over your negative inner voice and can learn to silence it! You can train your little voice to start saying enriching, kind and generous messages instead.

Having a more positive mindset will enable you to grow as a person simply because you will see more possibilities and joy in your life. You’ll be amazed at how different life looks when it’s viewed through positive eyes.

Your health will improve too – you are less likely to pick up every bout of colds and flu doing the rounds. You’ll have more energy and will simply enjoy your life more. When you change your mental attitude, you change your reality.

So why not start now? Take out a piece of paper write down 3 positive affirmations you are going to use to train your little voice. Post your top three in the comments below.