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It seems almost as if the world doesn’t appreciate good people.

Your boss may want to give the person you were working with the promotion before you, even though you did most of the work! You could blow up in his face and tell him how he dare do that considering all the work you did, or you can say nothing and turn the other cheek.

Some may think turning the other cheek is a sign of weakness. It is, actually, the exact opposite. It’s a show of strength, the strength of your character to be exact. Remember, how you respond to any situation, is a reflection of you!

A week later your boss may realize he has made a mistake and give you the job. If you had blown up at him already you will have missed out on the opportunity. An opportunity of how you handle bad news. This is a good example of how to keep your composure and stay strong no matter what is being thrown your direction.

Now, as a woman you may naturally feel that the male world as very little respect for you. Not because you aren’t a respectable person, but because you are a woman. We’ve all been through it, husbands and boyfriends saying you can’t do this or that because you are “Girls” as they like to say.

Being a female doesn’t mean you can’t handle yourself or take care of yourself. As a woman you should want to be an example of someone who can and does handle themselves well. Be a role model, so younger women can see and learn to do it themselves. As women you should lead by example.

Two wrongs never make a right. If you want to be the women who cries and complains about what she can’t do (the victim mentality), it’ll seem like it’s okay for other women to be that way as well.

If you think that people don’t notice – you are wrong. People tend to notice everything, and even though it is usually unnoticed, you can be sure there is a young woman in your life who looks up to you.

When you lead by example you must be honest and trustworthy – they all go hand in hand. Values such as honesty, friendship, relationships and love are very important in life. Having values such as these is what makes women so much more respectable than some men at times. Being honest and trustworthy makes people feel more comfortable and it encourages others to talk more openly to you. You’ll also notice people are friendlier.

Lead by example and you will find others doing as you do. When leading others, you can’t just stop. Remember, you lead others every day and every night. It’s not a feeling you can turn on and off, like a tap. You are a leader all the time – at home, at work, in the community. You have to talk the talk and walk the walk or in other words – “walk the talk”.

So many women are looking for other women leaders to appear. Be that leader – it’s your choice!

First published on www.selfgrowth.com.