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When facing competitive and stressful situations, women in particular, often feel a great deal of stress. Scientifically stress refers to the release of a hormone, adrenalin in the body which helps to boost performance.

Some of us are able to use stress to our advantage and in a positive way however often we use it negatively, sometimes even turning it on ourselves.

Stress can be used to your advantage by setting deadlines for work. When you have a deadline, the stress can be used positively and the results achieved can be better. If you stay focused on one task at a time, work is one of the areas in which stress can be used positively.

In dealing with relationships – be it at home between family members or a certain loved one, accepting everyone has different agenda’s can assist in stress levels.  Staying calm and focussing on gaining clarity can be helpful in these situations.

Staying positive will also help stress levels and assists to get through the issues which are coming in your way.  Negativity and stress definitely prevents you from performing your best.

When you manage multiple roles; relationships, home, family and work, being positive is critical.  We all want these roles to be successful and happy – that in itself is stressful.

Another small but frequent situation we experience daily life is to suffer the dreaded traffic jam.  There can be at times, a certain degree of stress involved here so why not use the stressful situation to your advantage? You could listen to music & just relax or perhaps use the time to learn something new.  Ultimately, if there is a traffic jam, there is actually nothing you can do apart from waiting for it to sort itself out, so why not enjoy your time?

A misconception which many have today is that stress is bad. Not all stress is bad; in fact moderate amounts can be healthy for the body. Research has shown that when the body goes through a certain amount of stress, it can be beneficial to create action.

Stress can be managed.  Don’t turn it inward towards yourself – by overeating or drinking too much alcohol.  Instead try to work out why it is happening.  Are there some good components –  is it moving you towards your goal or deadline.  Try to put it in perspective – is it short-term?  If so, try to relax and believe that whatever you are going through is for the benefit of yourself and/or your family.  If not, what can do you about it?  What’s one proactive thing you could do right now to alleviate the stress?

When we undergo a stressful event, we tend to remember it clearly. The best part of this is it’s an opportunity to learn from our mistakes, come out of the situation more positive and having had the experience. The best thing to do with stressful situations is to look at them with a positive mind and instead of looking at the glass as being half empty, think of it as half full!

Stress is often something we fear to deal with. When managed correctly (exercise helps), it is not something as bad as people imagine it to be.

You can stress or you can relax, it’s your choice, however, always remember – everything will work out one way or another!