Enhancing Personal Performance

through Extended DISC profiling and one-on-one coaching

Before working with any client, Glenise ensures an Extended DISC profile report is completed.

Extended DISC is a very powerful psychometric tool which super-charges results in clarifying where you are emotionally and what your strengths are.

Using this report, we can work out a very clear path to where you want to get to and the best way to get there.

An Extended DISC report will uncover your true potential. Not into Psychometric reports ? Then I’m not the person for you. If you are, let’s talk.

Are you familiar with the DISC styles?

If not, there are four styles, Dominant (D), Influence (I), Steady (S), and Conscientious (C). Each style corresponds to certain behaviours that express themselves naturally in our interactions with others and help shape how we view the world.

We spontaneously create energy and vitality when displaying behaviours in our natural style. Behaviours that are not consistent with our natural wiring tend to drain us of energy, if we are exhibiting these behaviours too often we can become tired, lethargic and over-worked. There is no one best style. Each style has advantages and disadvantages. Watch the video which demonstrates each of the styles – we know you will recognise yourself and those around you.

Another thing you need to know – very rarely do I commit to coaching sessions before a report is completed. Sometimes that’s enough to get you going again.

But.. sometimes it’s not!

So, if you love what you find in the report and you’re looking at the sky being your limit – then and only then, will we schedule in some coaching sessions.

If you’ve got big dreams of Success, Health, Happiness & higher Confidence levels – it’s time to Step IN – take responsibility and take action.

“Change never happens until the pain is great enough”

How great is your pain?

Fast track your

Confidence & Communication Skills

using the power of Psychometric Testing & Coaching

Contact Glenise directly on +61 418 482 450 for a pre-coaching discussion or email your enquiry to glenise@selfconfidentwomen.com.au