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Rebel and Phoebe from The Rural Woman website use this lovely quote to encourage rural women to grow and flourish in the regional areas they live in.

Over the past 8-9 years while I have been living in regional Queensland and NSW, I have come across some amazing women running successful businesses in their hometowns or women like me, in their adopted towns.

Women pouring love and creativity into what they are doing, be it a home business run through Facebook, shopfront businesses and sometimes even multiple businesses.  I have been very lucky to have been welcomed with open arms into each new community by various caring women.

Let me tell you the story about the chair in the picture.

It’s gorgeous; there’s no doubt about that. It was expensive; as it should be. I loved it the minute I saw it.  I wasn’t supposed to love it and I really didn’t want to love it.  Being a non-meat eater, I wondered if morally I was even allowed to sit on this gorgeous piece of furniture!  But being broad-minded, I got over all that pretty quickly. Every time I went Kennedy & Grace, the beautiful store in Emerald, Qld that had it for sale, I would admire it and touch it.

Kerrie, Trish & Ann, the wonderful women at Kennedy & Grace were the first to welcome me to Emerald. “Come on in” they said when I first walked in the door.  “Come back whenever you want”  they said as they waved me goodbye each time.  They have created a nurturing little spot in their homewares & gift store where you can sit, drink tea & coffee and chat to anyone who is there.  Every Thursday morning there’s a ladies morning tea, whoever is around is free to drop in.  I never missed a Thursday unless I was physically not able to be there.  This eclectic group of intelligent women filled my life with inspiration with the stories of what they were doing and where they were going.

Kerrie also owns Genesis Hair Design, a funky hairdressing salon that transports you into a hip young world where you would love to live but can’t, because you’re actually older than you like to admit and visiting every now and then is all you can handle!

Now back to the chair…

When I decided to get my professional photographs done for my websites and promotional work, I chose another hip, young local – Jazz Venter from 2Creative.com.  She came up with the idea of transporting a beautiful chair into the rural landscape and draping myself all over it.  I knew exactly the chair I wanted and with my fingers crossed behind my back, mentioned it to Kerrie.

Not a nanosecond passed before she said “yes, yes, yes take it“.  She was as enthusiastic as I was about the concept.

And that in a nutshell, is why I love living in the country. The creative, caring, supportive rural women who are blooming where they are currently planted, brighten this Confident Chick‘s life and lighten her heart.


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 Glenise Anderson is an enthusiastic Entrepreneur, Coach, Trainer and Speaker.  She is the Director of Self Confident Women, empowering women one at a time and the Director of SR Group, offering Solutions and Results to businesses looking to build teams that communicate.

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