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Compliments are a wonderful thing to receive, especially when they are focused on your business or entrepreneurial efforts. They can brighten up your day and motivate you to perform at your best.

Why then, as soon as a woman receives a compliment, does she have such a difficult time in accepting it?

  • Is it tied to the age-old stigma that a woman should be humble about her efforts and not toot our own horn?
  • Will you be perceived as vain or arrogant if you receive a compliment with ease?

As women, we often underestimate our abilities, and don’t take the time to acknowledge or even appreciate our achievements. We are so busy doing what we do that we somehow just take it for granted that anyone can do it too. But often, that is not the case. It is important to acknowledge any compliments or moments of appreciation and use them as an impetus to move forward.

So how can you overcome the problem of being uncomfortable when you receive a compliment?

The best way is just to keep it simple. Reciprocate with a heartfelt thank you and a genuine smile; then move on. You don’t have to overplay the situation any more than is necessary.

When someone thanks you for a job well done, or is grateful for your assistance, reply with a simple sentence. Here are a few suggestions to get the ball rolling:

  • “Thank you, I’m happy with the outcome as well.”
  • “Thanks, I’m glad you liked it. I really enjoyed doing it.”
  • “Thanks, I’m glad I could help.”

If you are not sure how to respond, then a simple thank you is often enough. Focus on the fact that you have done something worthy of a compliment and as hard as it may be admit, you do deserve it. Consider it a verbal pat on the back for your work. As embarrassing as it may feel, if you have been singled out for praise, you need to understand that you are worthy of the attention being bestowed upon you.

Reflect on what has been said and revel in the moment. A compliment is your chance to see yourself as others see you, pure and simple.

Never dismiss a compliment. It can come across as very impolite and gives the person the impression you don’t value their opinion. Try to avoid downplaying your ability and pointing out your flaws. Perhaps you could have done better, but now is not the time to argue that point. This kind of behaviour can actually be very damaging to your self-confidence and your professional credibility as a whole.

Taking this notion one step further, women in business also seem reluctant about asking for written testimonials. However, in a competitive business environment, it is certainly necessary. When someone does take the time to compliment you, ask them if they would mind putting the feedback in writing so you can use it on your website. You might never get the chance again so it is worth biting the bullet, despite the fact you may feel nervous.

If self-confidence is something you feel you struggle with, then download my free eBook to help you Step In to your confidence. It is time to step out of the shadows, accept those compliments and let your confidence soar.