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If you want to stand out from the crowd and be given the recognition you deserve ... or be better and more confident at persuading people in your workplace and social life ... or want to Step IN to Your Self Confidence so people stop walking all over you ... Then you're in the right place!

Self Confident Women is a safe, supportive place for you to explore, experience and expand your knowledge of what you need to succeed at work and in life. You see, self confidence is the secret skill, successful women use to their absolute advantage every day. And despite what we are all told, you don’t have to be born with confidence… it is a learned skill.
However, self confidence alone will not get you to where you want (and deserve) to be. But sadly, this is the piece of the puzzle no one shares. Until now!

Right now there is a huge divide developing between what Employers want and what Employees have…

So What Are Soft Skills And Emotional Intelligence (EQ) … And Why Are They Important To You?

• 97% of Employers believe “soft skills” are more important to their business success than traditional academic results
• Meanwhile, UK employees say they struggle to sell their “soft skills” and only 46% have ever mentioned them on their CV
• Only 35% of people have a natural understanding and ability for “soft skills” also known as EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

Soft Skills and Emotional Intelligence are simply a group of personality traits that characterise your relationship with other people. They cover communication abilities, language skills, personal habits, social graces, emotional empathy, leadership traits and of course, self confidence.

They are essentially the way you deal with your emotions and relate to the emotions of other people.

Knowing this information gives you an enormous advantage in the workplace and with your career.

While other employees are ignorant to the concept of “soft skills”… you can be a clear stand out when it comes to job applications, promotions and other career defining opportunities.

Have you ever noticed how some people just seem to have it “together” and end up getting the best opportunities?

Well, that’s because they have great Emotional Intelligence and have developed their soft skills.

The good news is… you can too.

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I have made it my mission to empower women just like you, to stay ahead of the pack and to live the life they desire (and deserve!). And the best way to do it is to help you master your Emotional Intelligence and build your soft skills.

Don’t wait for anyone else to do it for you! Your future is in great hands… your own!

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5 Tips to Unlock a more Confident You

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